AGV system

AGVBox3.0 Overview To follow the trend of the times, to change in the future

AGVBox3.0 is the third generation AGV central control system independently developed by Dongjin Technology. It is a system that can simultaneously implement central supervision, control, dispatch and traffic control for multiple AGVs.

The AGVBox has a simple interface, complete functions, and easy operation. Users can set the system operation control parameters according to their needs, which is convenient for line adjustment. Can be added to other automation equipment (such as manipulators, automated pipeline

At the same time, it can support various industrial control protocols to realize seamless connection with ERP, MES, WMS and other systems, so as to truly increase production capacity, improve efficiency, and fully automatic and unmanned logistics transportation.

AGVBox3.0 control method

The central control system (AGVBox) realizes data transmission with AGV, charging station, access controller, elevator controller, call box, and other external expansion equipment through wireless network, so as to monitor the status information of AGV and each controller in real time, and perform Unified management ensures the stable and orderly operation of the entire system. At the same time, AGVBox supports the connection with the PC server, and the mobile terminal and tablet terminal can monitor the system operation in real time through the network; the PC server can realize the seamless connection with the big data platform.

7 functions of AGVBox3.0 central dispatching control system

  • 01.Dispatch control function
  • 02.Monitoring and management functions
  • 03.Remote call function
  • 04.Traffic management function
  • 05.Access control management function
  • 06.Cross-floor transport function
  • 07.Online charging function
  • Dispatch control function

    01Dispatch control function

    According to the operation requirements, the AGV carries out route planning; The map can be flexibly edited, the data interface is diverse, the operation is convenient, and the data record is detailed and so on; It can be docked with WMS, MES, ERP and other systems to realize data interaction and unified scheduling management control...

  • Monitoring and management functions

    02Monitoring and management functions

    Real-time monitoring of the equipment status, location, and working status of each AGV; Fault alarm, can display the specific position of the AGV, alarm content, AGV number and other information, and can be operated remotely to reset the alarm AGV; Call information management function, which can understand the remote operation inform...

  • Remote call function

    03Remote call function

    After AGVBox receives the call control information of the call box, it controls the designated AGV according to the preset program, The specific control function can be set to start, stop, reset, Hook action, roller action, arrival at designated routes, designated locations, etc.; Each call box can use up to 8 buttons, and the functi...

  • Traffic management function

    04Traffic management function

    AGVBox relies on powerful supervision functions to monitor the operation status and location information of all AGV equipment, Perform data analysis. When encountering a more complicated AGV operation route or an intersection in the operation path, Be able to intelligently plan behaviors, like traffic lights, automatically queue up, ...

  • Access control management function

    05Access control management function

    AGVBox monitors the operation of the AGV in real time through the wireless network, when the AGV arrives In front of the automatic door, the central control system (AGVBox) will issue an entry and exit request, After receiving the request, the central control system (AGVBox) will issue a door opening instruction to the access control...

  • Cross-floor transport function

    06Cross-floor transport function

    AGVBox monitors the operation of AGV in real time through the wireless network, and will give the central control system (AGVBox) when the AGV needs to enter and exit the elevator. Send a request, the central control system (AGVBox) will judge the floor according to the current AGV task situation and give it to the elevator controlle...

  • Online charging function

    07Online charging function

    AGVBox monitors the power of AGV in real time through the wireless network. When the power is lower than the set value, the AGV will give The central control system (AGVBox) issues a charging request, and the central control system (AGVBox) will The current system operation situation, intelligently allocate automatic charging station...

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