AGV smart parking lot

AGV smart parking lot

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It is composed of Dongjin AGV, AGV parking central management control system and intelligent dispatching system. It takes the software system of artificial intelligence algorithm as the core to complete the complete parking process including storage, storage, storage, pickup, inventory, payment, etc. Intelligent car fulfillment system. Effectively increase the storage space of the parking lot, increase the parking density, increase the response speed of car access, and reduce the management cost of the parking lot.

The robot uses machine vision and laser navigation technology to realize unmanned driving and intelligent system control. The positioning accuracy is less than 5mm, the maximum travel speed is 1.5 meters per second, and the load capacity is 2.5 tons.

The intelligent dispatching system based on artificial intelligence can realize the simultaneous dispatch of 200 robots. The driver only needs to drive the car into the preset parking platform, receive a parking ticket or scan the QR code, and the system will automatically assign a robot to transport the car to the designated parking space. The average time for parking and picking up the car is no more than 5 minutes.

When picking up the car, the driver can choose to pay by mobile phone or by swiping his card to pick up the car at the parking platform. In the process of picking up the car, you can also enjoy the reservation function. The system is notified in advance to transport the car to the parking platform. The driver can quickly pick up the car when arriving at the parking platform within the reserved time.

At the same time, it can be combined with a three-dimensional garage to use elevators to create a multi-level parking space. The construction of the garage can eliminate redundant ramps and walkways, while increasing the utilization of plane and three-dimensional space. Compared with traditional parking, the driver can enjoy an efficient parking experience, eliminating the need for cumbersome links such as finding parking spaces, reversing into the garage, finding vehicles, finding exits, and queuing to charge.