Automotive industry

Automotive industry

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Industry introduction/background
Major domestic automobile manufacturers have increased their technical investment and technological innovation in the field of automobile and assembly testing, and have made rapid progress in automobile assembly and testing production organization, information management and logistics technology. With the development of automobile manufacturing technology towards flexibility, intelligence, and digitization, major domestic automobile manufacturers have applied various types of AGV technology in automobile assembly and test technology.

Industry application/project goal
1. Sub-assembly line: engine assembly line, gearbox assembly line, rear axle assembly line, etc.
2. Material distribution: engine box distribution, dashboard distribution, small parts distribution, etc.
3. Chassis assembly: car engine, rear axle, fuel tank, exhaust tube and other chassis components are assembled

Solve the problem
1. The unification of the beat of each process
2. The cost of plant construction
3. The problem of flexible production line
4. The investment cost of equipment required for a continuous production line
5. How to realize the synchronization and crossover of production lines.

Advantages of applying AGV
1. As a movable carrier, AGV can not only realize the conveying effect, but also adjust the posture adjustment of each axis of the assembled body according to the assembly process of each process, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces manual labor Intensity and difficulty.
2. The AGV system can fully adapt to the current mass customization production and mixed-flow assembly mode. While meeting the individual needs of customers, it ensures lower production costs and shorter delivery times. Adapt to the market demand for the production of multiple varieties of products, and improve the organization and equipment reorganization capabilities of the enterprise and the ability to react quickly to the market.

Typical case of AGV application