Auto parts industry

Auto parts industry

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Industry introduction/background
Recently, with the reduction of tariffs on imported vehicles and parts, many multinational auto companies have lowered the prices of imported vehicles, which has aroused widespread public concern. More importantly, the impact of reduced tariffs on parts and components may be more extensive than that of the entire vehicle. Parts and components have been a shortcoming of China's auto industry for a long time, and the auto aftermarket has also been in a small, scattered, and chaotic situation for a long time. However, the industry believes that with the vigorous development of China's automobile industry and the support of policies, the parts industry and the automotive aftermarket are ushering in new opportunities. It is expected that the future scale will exceed 4 trillion yuan, and industry integration will accelerate.
It is also imperative for all automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers to build material storage and distribution centers to cover all regional markets in China. Dynamic Intelligence has a better overall solution for optimizing the space utilization rate of the material storage center and increasing the speed of small parts picking to achieve fully automated three-dimensional storage.

Industry application/project goal
1: Achieve 100% picking rate of goods
2: Effectively improve the efficiency of cargo storage and retrieval
3: Use automated storage equipment for vertical storage to maximize the use of storage space
Solutions and application of AGV advantages
Compared with traditional static storage solutions, the dynamic intelligent automated three-dimensional storage solution can save 90% of the storage space; it is an ideal way to store and pick small parts with a compact and ergonomic design. Dongjin Intelligent provides efficient picking solutions, and the order picking speed can be increased by 6-10 times. For the shelf part, as there are different types of products, including dangerous goods, Dongjin Intelligent installs different types of shelf systems.

Typical case of AGV application