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Shenzhen Dongjin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Dongjin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a logistics robot enterprise integrating software and hardware, R&D, manufacturing and landing applications. It is the first enterprise in China to develop a mobile intelligent platform based on FPGA+DSP+CPU chip control development. Dongjin Technology first served the intelligent robot industry in 2009.

After 10 years of innovation and development, Dongjin AGV already has laser navigation, QR code navigation, magnetic navigation, heavy-duty AGV and other AGV technology types, as well as latent, towed, storage, backpack, lift, forklift, etc. Hundreds of products of AGV trolley service functional applications provide manufacturing enterprises with fast, flexible, efficient, and sustainable optimization of Industry 4.0 smart unmanned factory solutions, helping the manufacturing industry to get rid of the dilemma of manpower shortage and high investment risk, and improve The core competitiveness of the enterprise. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent application solutions in the logistics industry, Dongjin Technology has been involved in the automotive and parts industries, new energy, electronics, home appliances, machinery manufacturing, food, hardware, communications, lighting, entertainment, e-commerce, The textile, chemical, construction and other industries provide AGV solutions for intelligent industrial applications. (Picture/Shenzhen Deputy Mayor Huang Min and his party inspect Dongjin Intelligent Company)

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Based on scientific and technological research and development, grasp the core technical advantages

  • Quality concept

    Stable is assured!

    Practical is the best!

    Innovation is excellence!

  • Business strategy

    Based on scientific and technological research and development, grasp the core technical advantages!

    Innovative development, achievement of AGV technology leading brand!

    The best products and services are the best marketing!

  • Cooperation principle

    Open and reciprocal

    Consensus and co-creation

    Sharing, win-win

  • Service pursuit

    create value for customers,

    Provide customers with stable and high-quality services,

    It is the goal and growth driver of Dongjin Technology。

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Dongjin AGV honors customers

Which customers to serve is important, and attentiveness is more important!