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How much do you know about the structure and working principle of AGV trolley?

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AGV trolley structure:

1. Car body
The physical main part of the AGV trolley, composed of the frame and corresponding mechanical devices, is the installation basis for other assembly components.

2. Drive power supply device
AGV cars often use 24V and 48V DC batteries as power. Lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries are often used. The lithium battery can be automatically charged and can work for 24 hours.

3. Drive device
The wheel, reducer, brake, drive motor and speed controller are components that control the normal operation of the AGV trolley. The operating instructions are issued by computer or manual control, and the adjustment of operating speed, direction and brake are controlled by computer respectively. For safety, the braking device can achieve braking mechanically when the power is off.

4. Guiding device
Permeability sensor + landmark sensor, accepts the direction information of the guidance system, and realizes the forward, backward, bifurcation, exit and other actions of the AGV trolley through the guidance + landmark sensor.

5. On-board controller
Accept the instructions of the control center and execute the corresponding instructions, and at the same time feedback its own status (such as position, speed, etc.) to the control center in time.

6. Communication device
Realize the information exchange between the AGV trolley and the ground control station and ground monitoring equipment.

7. Safety protection device
Obstacle sensor + physical anti-collision (the sensor is issued with a black leather strip) + emergency stop switch, which mainly protects people, the AGV car itself or other equipment.

8. Carrier
Towing rod: a device that directly contacts with the goods being transported and realizes the carrying of goods.

9. Information transmission and processing device
Monitor the AGV trolley, monitor the ground state of the AGV trolley, and transmit information with the ground control station in real time.

Working principle of AGV car:

The guidance of the AGV trolley refers to the calculation of the actual control command value of the AGV trolley according to the position information obtained by the AGV trolley guidance sensor and the target value provided by the path of the AGV trolley, that is, the set speed and steering angle of the AGV trolley , This is the key to AGV car control technology. In short, the guidance control of the AGV trolley is the trajectory tracking of the AGV trolley. There are many ways to guide AGV trolleys, such as using the center point of the guidance sensor as a reference point, and tracking the virtual point on the guiding magnetic strip is one of them. The control goal of the AGV trolley is to change the direction of travel of the AGV trolley by detecting the relative position of the reference point and the virtual point, correcting the rotation speed of the driving wheels, and trying to make the reference point above the virtual point. In this way, the AGV car can always follow the guide line.

After receiving the material handling instruction, the controller system will calculate, plan and analyze according to the stored operation map and the current position and driving direction of the AGV trolley, select the best driving route, and automatically control the driving and steering of the AGV trolley. When the AGV trolley arrives at the loading position and stops accurately, the transfer mechanism moves to complete the loading process. Then the AGV trolley starts and drives to the target unloading point. After it stops accurately, the transfer mechanism moves to complete the unloading process and report its position and status to the control system. Then the AGV trolley started and drove to the standby area. Do the next move after receiving the new instruction.

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