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What are the advantages of laser navigation AGV robots?

2020-09-23 17:29:01 77 Editor:AGV
At present, there are two modes of laser navigation AGV robots on the market: the first is reflector laser navigation. A precise laser reflector is installed around the AGV driving path. The AGV robot emits a laser beam while collecting the reflection from the reflector. The laser beam is used to determine its current position and direction, and the navigation of the AGV is realized through continuous trigonometric operations. The other is the laser SLAM navigation robot (reflectorless laser navigation). Through the observation of the scene by lidar, the map is created in real time and the robot position is corrected. There is no need for manual placement of markers such as QR codes, ribbons, and magnetic stripes. Realize zero transformation of the working environment. On the other hand, the real-time detection of obstacles by lidar can effectively plan the trajectory to avoid obstacles, and improve the applicability and safety of human-machine hybrid scenarios.
Precise positioning;
No other positioning facilities are needed on the ground, and construction is more convenient;
The driving path can be flexible and changeable, and can be suitable for a variety of on-site environments;
The price of invigorating light and reflector is high, and the manufacturing cost is high;
Relatively harsh environmental requirements (external light, ground requirements, visibility requirements, etc.).

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