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Shenzhen Headquarters (Dynamic AGV Robot Shenzhen Laboratory)
Address: 4C.4D, Kechuang Building, Quanzhi Science and Technology Innovation Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen
National Hotline: 13410073100 (Mr. Li)    
Landline: 0755-85245916


Shenzhen Dongjin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
ShenZhen Gztoking Intelligent Technology CO.,LTD
Guangzhou | Heyuan | East China | Central China | North China etc.
Address: Heyuan City High-tech Zone National Comprehensive Incubation Base, Shenhe Jindi Chuanggu Building 1, Building-01 (Dynamic Robot Heyuan Laboratory)
Address: District C, Huahai Industrial Zone, near Xindu Bridge, Yingbin Avenue, Xinhua Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou

National Hotline:13410073100(Manager Li)

Pearl River Delta:13670248035 (Manager Zhou)
Mr. Tong(project support):18665432703  
Mr. Ling(project manager):13638644589

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