AGV automotive industry application

AGV automotive industry application

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AGV application solutions for the automotive industry

AGV application solutions for the automotive industry

The automotive industry has continuously improved the level of automation, and the realization of fewer people and low costs has become an inevitable trend. The application of AGV cars in the automotive industry is imperative. The application of AGV cars will help traditional industries to achieve automation upgrades. Major domestic automobile manufacturers Manufacturers have applied various types of AGV technology in the vehicle assembly and test technology.

Application content:
1. Sub-assembly line: engine assembly line, gearbox assembly line, rear axle assembly line, etc.
2. Material distribution: engine box distribution, dashboard distribution, small parts distribution, etc.
3. Chassis assembly: car engine, rear axle, fuel tank, exhaust tube and other chassis components are assembled

Solve the problem:

1. The unification of the beat of each process
2. The cost of plant construction
3. The problem of flexible production line
4. The investment cost of equipment required for a continuous production line
5. How to realize the synchronization and crossover of production lines.


  • Intelligent automation

    According to the demand, it is controlled by the computer to realize the intelligent automatic operation mode of unmanned operation.

  • Safe and reliable

    The operation is precise and standardized, avoiding the danger of manual error and high-risk applications.

  • Flexible and compatible

    Shorten the logistics turnover cycle, reduce the turnover consumption of materials, and can flexibly expand the application.