Talent recruitment

Talent recruitment

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Embedded engineers: 2

Education: Undergraduate Experience: 3-5 years Number of recruits: 2

Job Type: Construction/Real Estate

basic requirements:

Age: unlimited
Gender: unlimited

Work location: Shenzhen

description of job:

Job requirements: 1. Solid analog circuit and digital circuit foundation, more than three years of work experience; 2. Proficiency in applying at least one EDA design tool; 3. Proficient in M3/M4/M7 core ARM, proficient in STM32 series is preferred; 4. Proficient in C voice, proficient in UCOS operating system, proficient in FATFS file system, familiar with bus or interface such as USB/UART/232/485/SPI/I2C/CAN; 5. Familiar with Cortex-A8/ Cortex-A9 series is preferred, familiar with linux/Android System is the priority; 6. Loving work, obeying the arrangement, working seriously and responsibly; 7. The company pays attention to the training of talents, joining our company, personal ability and professional knowledge will be greatly improved. Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the software and hardware development of the MCU and ARM platform; 2. Responsible for the schematic and PCB design; 3. Responsible for the preparation and commissioning of embedded software; 4. Responsible for various documents of the software and hardware development process Compile; 5. Undertake development tasks according to project requirements, and complete tasks according to plan; 6. Other tasks arranged by superiors; 42

working address:

4C.4D, Kechuang Building, Houting Maozhoushan Industrial Park, Shajing Street, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong


Mechanical structure engineer 2

Education: Undergraduate Experience: 3-5 years Number of recruits: 2

job requirements:

1. More than two years of structural design experience, bachelor degree or above in mechanical and automation related majors

2. Familiar with product manufacturing technology, processing technology, motor use;

3. Familiar with the design of mechanical parts (sheet metal structure design);

4. Familiar with AutoCAD, 3D drawing software (Pro/E, solidworks, pre) and other design software;

5. Good knowledge of SPC, DOE, FMEA and practical application experience.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the research, project establishment, demonstration and review of product research and development;

2. Responsible for product development and structural design;

3. Draw product assembly drawings and parts drawings, and formulate parts processing technology;

4. Responsible for the preparation of a detailed list of materials, supporting parts and standard parts required by the product;

5. Responsible for solving technical and process problems in the production site;

6. Develop product operating procedures;

7. Perform classified management of drawings, instructions, etc., draw spare parts, modify drawings and confirm and countersign;

8. Make timely technical transformations or adjustments to product defects;

9. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.