Food Industry
Industry introduction/background
Benefiting from the promotion of the national policy to expand domestic demand, the continuous increase in income levels of urban and rural residents, the rigid demand for food, and the gradual release of supply-side structural reform dividends, the food industry will continue to grow steadily in the future, the scale of the industry will steadily expand, and continue to remain in the national industrial system The basic situation of "the largest chassis and the most stable development". According to estimates, the main business income of food industry enterprises above designated size is expected to increase by about 7% annually. By 2020, the main business income may exceed 15 trillion yuan, maintaining the highest proportion in the national industrial system.

Food production applications
1. Finished product storage
2. Packaging production line
3. Turnover of semi-finished materials
4. Food raw material processing and transportation

Solve the problem
1. Problems such as rising labor costs and difficulty in seasonal recruitment
2. The cost of traditional production lines
3. The problem of flexible production line
4. Material accuracy and efficiency issues in production operations

Advantages of applying AGV
1. Compared with the traditional production line, the AGV production line has low cost
2. The production path can be changed at any time, which can be used and delivered, saving manpower and cost, low error rate, energy saving, etc.
3. Improved production efficiency and reduced total production cost

Typical case of AGV application