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What are the changing trends of AGV cars in the 5G era?

2020-06-18 15:58:27 474 Editor:AGV
With the advent of the G era, areas such as smart connected cars, smart factories, smart medical care, smart grids, smart education, urban security, drones, smart agriculture, and smart new media will all develop rapidly and become current hot spots due to 5G. . So, what changes and breakthroughs will 5G have in the field of AGV cars?

What is 5G? What are its characteristics

5G is short for fifth-generation mobile communication technology, and is the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology. The performance goals of 5G are high data rates, reduced latency, energy savings, cost reduction, increased system capacity and large-scale device connections. The current 4G speed is more than ten times faster, which means that it takes only 10 seconds to download a 1GB HD movie using 5G technology.

5G + Internet of Things + AGV car

The flexible production model can quickly change the product production process with minimal human intervention, and has spawned a series of new technology needs. Such as the Internet of Things technology, the application of 5G network, etc. As a key supporting technology connecting people, machines and equipment, the Internet of Things is entering a period of rapid development. 5G technology further helps manufacturers to get rid of the chaotic application state of wireless network technology in the past, and has positive significance for promoting the implementation of the industrial Internet and the deepening transformation of intelligent manufacturing.

In the vision for the development of Industry 4.0, Dongjin AGV trolleys not only simply move goods to designated locations, but also integrate big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc. into the product design, making AGV trolleys a kind of Real-time sensing, safety identification, multiple obstacle avoidance, intelligent decision-making, automatic execution and other multi-functional new intelligent industrial equipment. At present, AGV trolleys have been used in various fields, and it is an inevitable trend to replace manual handling.

What happens when AGV cars meet 5G technology?

The AGV system has an increasingly urgent demand for wireless networks with high performance and flexible networking capabilities. However, the 5G network can just provide diversified and high-quality communication guarantees for the AGV system. Compared with traditional wireless networks, 5G networks have prominent advantages in terms of low latency, high-density and massive connections for factory applications, reliability, and network mobility management, which will make the AGV system more efficient.

AGV cars in the 5G era will be changed in the following three aspects:

1. AGV trolley coordination ability is strengthened

5G provides high-speed network support for the communication between AGV cars, so that AGV cars have the ability to self-organize and collaborate, with faster speed, smoother movements and higher efficiency.

5G provides high-speed network support for the communication between AGV cars, so that AGV cars have the ability to self-organize and collaborate, with faster speed, smoother movements and higher efficiency. AGV cars can cooperate with each other to complete tasks that a single AGV car could not complete independently in the past.

Second, the AGV car is more agile and safe to cooperate with workers

The high reliability and ultra-low latency characteristics of 5G enable the AGV trolley to perceive workers' movements in real time, dexterously provide feedback and cooperation, and always maintain a safe distance with workers to ensure the safety of human-machine collaboration.

Three, AGV car remote real-time control

In certain production environments that are not suitable for workers to enter, such as high temperature and high pressure, workers can remotely operate the AGV trolley in real-time through the 5G network in the monitoring center to synchronously and safely complete the scheduled work goals.

Fourth, AGV data real-time collection and analysis

The large-connected, low-latency 5G network can interconnect a large number of production equipment and key components in the factory, and improve the timeliness of production data collection, and provide network support for production process optimization and energy consumption management. Through the production log generated by the 5G network AGV system, the overall operation status of the entire logistics can be seen, and the time of cargo handling, the station staying, and the trajectory of the operation can be seen in real time.

  As an important scenario of 5G technology, smart factories are being vigorously developed. The 5G network seamlessly connects production equipment to meet the needs of equipment interconnection and remote interactive applications in an industrial environment. The 5G network enables the AGV trolley to have unlimited activity areas during the movement, and reach various locations on demand, performing uninterrupted work and smooth switching of work content in various scenarios. In this regard, Dongjin Intelligence believes that with the advent of 5G, the scope of AGV applications will continue to expand, the environment that AGV needs to face is also becoming more and more diverse, and the requirements for AGV technology are getting higher and higher. The future development direction of upper technology should be big data ( +Internet), making AGV truly informatized and intelligent. In the early stage, it can quickly reorganize new production units to adapt to changes in the process; secondly, it can achieve greater flexibility in the application and implementation of AGVs under the premise of industrial-grade stability and precision; in the same place with humans, human-machine collaborative work.

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