Pharmaceutical industry
Industry introduction/background
The first choice for the storage area of a pharmaceutical manufacturer should meet the requirements of the "Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceuticals". There should be sufficient storage space, storage conditions, facilities, equipment and professional and technical personnel, and errors should be avoided to prevent confusion, contamination and cross-contamination. In daily work, the incoming materials, raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products should be classified, partitioned, and stored at fixed points to prevent confusion, pollution and cross-contamination. When leaving the warehouse, the name, specification, batch number, quantity, etc. should be checked carefully according to the material picking list and finished product delivery note of the production workshop before being shipped out. Manage in strict accordance with GMP requirements.

Industry application/project goal

1. Increase storage utilization
2. Improve the efficiency of order picking
3. Temperature monitoring, suitable for refrigeration
4. Partition and fixed-point storage to prevent pollution

The advantages of applying AGV to solve problems
Dynamic intelligent automated three-dimensional library adopts tray unit storage mode and automatic operation mode, which fully meets the requirements of temperature monitoring, batch number management, expiration management, and first-in-first-out during drug storage. The use of automatic operation mode not only puts forward higher requirements for pallet stacking, but also greatly reduces the risks caused by manual stacking operations, and the safety of drug storage is guaranteed.

Typical case of AGV application